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The People Speaks – Kerr High

christine-silvia-frances-cameronKerr High School hosted their first ever series of The People Speaks debates on October 31st, 2009.

The People Speaks Global debates challenged high school students from around the world to think critically and develop new ideas about climate change. These students debated their own climate change action plans and will create new ones to debate in the spring. In March, Kerr will host another larger public debate where students will argue whether developed nations have a higher obligation to combating climate change. As part of the first round of the Global Debates Kerr students focused on personal climate change action plans that they created as part of the research they have gathered as winners of the BP A+ for Energy grant. This was a huge endeavor as Kerr’s submitted action plan for the Global Debates will be competing on an international stage where, to date, there have been competitions in more than 80 countries and in 45 U.S. states.

Our debaters are sending in video and photos of some of the debates to the United Nations Foundation in a chance to rank as one of the top teams in the world researching climate change issues. Each team created their own detailed action plan which showcased their diverse ideas on the pressing issue of climate change. The leadership and critical-thinking required of such as task forced students to creatively argue their unique solutions to this global crisis,” said Kaitlin Barry, Campus Outreach Director, United Nations Foundation. “Through these debates, students are able to become actively involved and engaged in the issues that will shape their future.”

As a result of their participation in the Global Debates, Kerr High will be eligible to compete to win an all expenses paid trip to the UN Foundation Youth Leadership Summit. The second annual Summit will be held at the United Nations in New York in July 2009. It will bring together student activists to learn more about the issues, tour the United Nations headquarters, meet with UN officials and participate in skill-building workshops and critical service-learning program.

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