W is For Wind

windpowerWind energy can be great energy resource. Imagine homes being supplied electricity without having to burn any fossil fuels. Wind energy is highly beneficial for it can be used to power many things, it is renewable and doesn’t run out, and most of all it produces no carbon dioxide. This form of energy requires windy areas to make the wind blades move. This form of energy might not be applied in the entire world but could cover some parts of the world.

Wind energy is generated from big wind turbines. The wind makes the wind blades turn which makes friction and converts the wind energy into kinetic energy. Then, the kinetic energy causes a rotor inside the generator to spin, making electricity. The electricity then moves through cables, down the turbine tower, and then goes to local electricity networks to supply homes and buildings with electricity.

Wind energy can be used to power a variety of things. And most of these things can be powered by one small wind turbine or a system of turbines that work together. Houses, businesses, farms, and ranches can be powered by this alternative energy resource. It can also be used to pump water, make ice, and even powering telecommunication sites. A small wind turbine that can be kept in the back yard can produce up to 50 kilowatts, enough to power a home.

This alternative source of energy never runs out. Wind energy only uses the wind to produce electricity, and the wind supply doesn’t run out. These wind turbines can be working day and night without running out of wind to supply it with. Unlike fossil fuels, which create harmful gasses and on top of that have a limited supply, wind energy doesn’t run out and doesn’t pollute the air.

The most beneficial reason of all is that wind energy doesn’t need any sort of fossil fuels or petroleum. You may think that all alternative forms of energy don’t produce any sort of harmful gasses but that is not always the case. Take ethanol for example, in some ethanol mixtures, 15% contain petroleum, which eventually pollutes the air.

Wind power can make a big difference in our world. It can also save people some money. These wind turbines can generate electricity for an estimated five cents per kilowatt hour, and the price is estimated to decline as this new technology improves and becomes more common.

by Ricardo Romero


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  1. 1

    michelle C. said,

    hmmm…imagine all the electricity that would be produced in a hurricane…that’s if it doesn’t destroy the wind turbine.

  2. 2

    nancy Ton said,

    Yeah. I look at this in two different ways; the bad way and the good way. The bad way is that wind turbines could be destroyed in some kind way, but the wind turbines is one out of thouasnds way to save the Earth for the global warming crisis that we are currently having. And the good way is when your city has a black out or something, you would be the only house to have some kind of power.

  3. 3

    Muskan Agarwal said,

    WInd power cna make a big differenc ein the worls, but it not not be as benificial as it seems. After all, everything has both a good side and a bad side.

  4. 4

    Dennis Chau said,

    Wind power is nice and all, but it seems that it can only replace the energy that we need when we use electricity. We still won’t be able to completely remove the usage of fossil fuels because we have certain plastic products that rely on fossil fuels to make products.

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