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Gaia; Earth As a Living Organism

We have learned more about our environment and planet as science has progressed. In addition, scientists have done more experimenting and more hypothesizing to figure out even more about the world. We have learned a lot about this blue marble, but we still do not know everything yet. This is why scientists make theories; to learn more about the universe around them and give educated guesses as to why something happens. One of these theories is the Gaia Theory. The Gaia Theory states that the earth is a living organism just like you and me. All living creatures contain cells to maintain bodily functions. This is exceptionally true to Earth. If the earth is one big organism, then we are the cells of this organism. All animals and plants are cells of earth. The tissues are larger places such as forests or maybe even cities. Every living organism has some role on earth. This role is classified scientifically as a niche. Cells have a niche as well inside of our bodies. They each have their own special jobs- some delete pathogens, some regulate temperature and some transport material, etc. Their environment is us, the organism. The earth has bodily functions like us as well- The tides of the earth, the natural disasters occuring lately, etc. Everything that happens on our planet happens for a reason. Some natural disasters occur as an example of negative feedback- in our bodies, we sometimes get fevers when the body temperature rises to get rid of our invaders. The same can be applied to Earth. We humans sleep and eat while the earth is such an advanced organism that it does not need to eat or sleep. The earth, is in a way immortal, yet mortal. It has an incredibly long lifespan. The earth is dependent on something just as we are to continue living. The earth depends on the sun, to nourish us, the cells, so that we may live further as well. When an organism is lacking in cells or has a mass amount damaged, the body suffers as a result. When something bad such as a stomachache happens, the entire body feels it. The same principle applies to if we kill life on earth- We damage a part of the earth, then the whole earth suffers. One example of this is destroying the environment- if we tear down rainforests and spread pollution, then the whole earth suffers- The flux of life on the earth is changed. The flux of life within us is the same as the flux of life on earth. This is the Gaia Theory- This is Mother Earth.

-Flaviu Delczeg

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Discover Recycling

Recycling is a big part of today’s society – this effort has doubled in recent years, more importantly because of the green movement. What was once a small box of paper in the corner of a classroom has now grown to recepticles in bathrooms, theatres, stores, and many other venues, but more importantly, the different types of items being recycled has now found variety. Cell phones, old CD’s, cans, bottles, and other usually “trashed” articles have now found homes in recycling bins.

I can remember back to events in 2nd grade (I am now a sophomore in high school,) where I was in charge of taking the recycling bin (actually a box) out to the large dumpster in the back of the school. I was a generally meager job, but to me it was the dream of a lifetime – I was able to change the word, in a small way I admit, but still in a way that will one day be recognized. I would walk to the bin everyday, only to notice that there was not very much paper inside – a maximum of 10-15 sheets a day. Still, this was a sign that one day, some of this paper could be used again, sort of like a rebirth of the paper. With this idea in mind, I took that box out every day of my 2nd grade year.

Recycling has grown, but can still continue to grow. Everyday ask yourself:  “What can I do to change the world, in the smallest way?” We all can take part in this global phenomenon – to recycle items that we do not need, and help our world become a better place.

– Cameron Clark

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Cleaning Up Our Mess

Our world today has been turned around to something different. We are using are world as trash and we seem to not care at all, well not all of us. We often seem to forget that we live in this world that we are using as a trash can, and we need to protect her. There are organizations that help recycle plastics, cans, papers, and etc., such as the Indiana Recycling Coalition, The Illinois Recycling Association, Kansas Recycling Association, and Association of Ohio Recyclers. These organizations are working hard to make our community a better and world efficient place to live in. There are things we can do to help protect our, for example, making a trash can, just for recycling papers. By doing that we could save a lot of trees. According to an article, every ton of papers saves at least seventeen trees. Recycling can also reduce the green house effect, which lowers the need to manufacture paper, plastic, metals and glass, and by doing that it will save the energy needed to manufacture new products. Recycling products, such as plastic bottles, paper, and glass bottles, makes our environment cleaner, and healthier.

Eghosa Okundaye

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Calling Ragnarok

Ragnarok is synonomous with the words apocalypse, armageddon, etc. What it is is the End of the World which is approaching closer by the day. There are numerous amounts of theories as to how the world will end,  While some are unpreventable, such as the burning out of the sun, some are the results of human actions.  Some of these actions include harming the environment, spreading pollution, and even political reasons such as ending the planet in World War Three. We as a population cannot decide matters politically and prevent a nuclear holocaust, but we can still save the environment from Ozone Depletion before its too late, maintain plant life, try to not disrupt the giant food web of the earth, and as a result, save this planet. We should reduce Carbon emissions, use solar power and wind power in the place of fossil fuels, and even small things such as conserving electricity and recycling. If we take these matters seriously, we may be able to delay our armageddon. Ragnarok will still occur (as a result of fate and the uncontrollable), only later. So until then, let us stall for time until Judgment Day.

-Flaviu Delczeg

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Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Making your home energy efficient

Thousands of Americans have suffered from high energy bills, and no jobs. One of the problems is they are not trying to maintain their use of energy in their homes. There are little steps that we make do around our houses to lessen our energy bills, such as putting off the lights, and shutting off the water faucets when we are not using it. About seventy percents of Americans suffer from energy bills. Barrack Obama is trying to solve this problem by cutting energy bills by twenty-forty percent, but we could help our selves by saving as much energyas we can to better ourselves. There is a saying that quotes, “Every success starts with a step.” If we could just commit to these choices, we could make a lot of differences, not just for ourselves, but to our community. By doing this , we can sve money, in which we can use to do other things and fund other things, for example, our children’s college tusion, and hospital bills .Making this choices will also better our environment, and our earth it self. Just making these small steps spreads around to make things we thought we couldn’t do happen. We have made many accomplishments in the past, why stop now, we need to keep on moving, and sore like the eagle that we are. Building our country will make it stronger and healthier.

– Eghosa Okundaye

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Newly Proposed Climate Agency May Not Materialize in Time

This past Monday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) proposed the creation of a new agency that would manage and analyze long-range data and predictions in weather, hence it being title the Climate Service.

With events such as “climategate”, when emails were leaked from East Anglia University, possibly damaging the public’s opinion of the warrant of climate change and the international Copenhagen climate meeting producing a relatively weak, though not necessarily unworkable agreement, it was about time for the U.S. to be able to earn back the public’s trust on the climate change issue and also prove that it can hold itself accountable to its emission cuts.

These ideas do make sense when we consider the initial facts. The work of the Climate Service, along with the credibility of other more established agencies working alongside it, would prove to the American public, at least, that there are reliable organizations who study climate change and thus reliable information about it. The Climate Service would be working with the National Weather Service and National Ocean Service. And what’s more, parts of the Weather Service and other agencies would be transferred into the new Climate Service.

With the Copenhagen “Accord” currently having no legally binding treaty, each country needs to somehow enforce its promises. Seeing how the U.S.’s promise to promise to cut carbon emissions by 17 percent below the 2005 levels by 2020 is still a pending piece of legislation, the U.S. needs to take some action immediately to show that it is serious. With the announcement of a newly planned agency to focus specifically on climate information, the U.S. seems to be doing exactly that.

In the end though, the Climate Service may take too long to establish. Both House and Senate appropriators would need to approve restructuring of the NOAA, and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke wants the agency to start out in fiscal year 2011, implying that the Climate Service can’t be established that quickly. This isn’t even considering the additional funds that would be needed to maintain the agency in the future.

Although Senator John Barrasso may have told the CongressDaily that “The integrity of the data and the integrity of the science have been compromised,” it’s still not a good idea to rush into a new agency just to play the political games of climate change.

– Guest reporter from the Kerronicle, Anthony Phung

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The Detriments of Rainforest Damage

As all of you know, many companies are tearing down rain forests for their own personal gain. Many of these gains can include more land for urbanization, trees for paper, wood, etc, area for agriculture and grazing, and the mass amount of water that they can accumulate. But the detriments and consequences of tearing down rain forests far outweighs the benefits of it. For once, the rain forests have many resources and herbs that can help aid mankind. For example, we may or may not know but one of those herbs in the rain forests for all we know could be the cure for cancer. The rain forests have many species of animals and plants. If we tear down and destroy these rain forests, we are nearing the endangerment and extinction of those species by destroying their habitat. In addition, we forget that rain forests are the lungs of the planet as they produce a large percent of our air. The rain forest has more resources than any other biome thus equaling giant disaster if humankind destroys it. If we do not wish to have the earth end, we should unite, stand together, and do something about this. I suggest starting out with mere simple things such as conserving electricity and water, and recycling. If you get more commited, you can start protesting acts of desecration of rain forests, even join organizations, or donate to help protect these wonderful oases of nature.
-Flaviu Delczeg

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