Driving Green

                        Gas prices have been rising higher after Hurricane Rita. The damage wasn’t severe, but during that time the gas prices began to rise. With the economy going bad, driving a fuel efficient car will be the best choice to make. The gas prices aren’t the only thing we should worry about, but we should also pay attention to how it’s effecting our environment. The exhaust pipe on the cars you see everyday are also harmful to us. They produce gases that are harmful to the green house gases, such as carbon monoxide. Breathing too much of it can kill you, so using cars that run on electricity, will help the environment to become much healthier. The car capable of running on electricity is a hybrid, and if we could all own one, the air we breathe will be cleaner than before. Another benefit is, with a hybrid we can save about 37% in gas fuel. The only problem is, they are expensive, but we can use our cars that we have now efficiently by not accelerating and hitting the breaks so much when we see the red light.

Eghosa Okundaye

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