The Necessity of Innovation

A great inventor by  the name of Thomas Edison said: “To invent all you need is an idea and a pile of junk.” Now I never knew ole Tommy personally, but I think most of us can learn from his inspiration. He was saying that to invent, one needs a plan and materials. If we take this quote literally, if we use a pile of junk, then we can invent things. 

Let us think about all of the waste that we trash on an everyday basis. Let us think about the materials that we trash. Scrap metal, elements of metal, nonmetal, and metalloid classifications, and paper, glass, and plastic which can be reused into something new or recycled.

If we stop throwing away our things and instead recycle we can be the fuel of innovation that keeps the machine of our world going towards success. And for the things that we do throw away, we can increase more jobs and have some people gather up still useable materials in junkyards and dumps and help science.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Let us, as people transform our trash and waste that we throw away into recycled goods that we can call treasure later.

– Flaviu Delczeg


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