Green Roofs Save Energy

Green roofs are spreading throughout America like a pandemic did in Europe in the 14th century. They are plant based and plant filled roofs that assist in cooling and reducing heat from roof temperatures. Because they are grass-based, they are green, hence the name. All humor aside, green roofs are also attractive, drain runoff water, and even absorb sunlight so that the roof material cannot be damaged by too much heat. Because of the increased plant kingdom population, more carbon dioxide is further converted to oxygen and our air is made cleaner of greenhouse gases.

Green roofs, unfortunately, cost a lot of money. Some types of tiles for green roofs even cost $34 per square foot. However, even though this costs an absurdly large amount, it ends up saving you money. Because of green roofs, it takes longer for roof damage to occur, thus saving you money in the future. In addition, if you are selling your house and it has a green roof, you are able to sell for more money, so therefore green roofs also aid in real estate sales.

I would highly suggest everyone get a green roof because of their many benefits. It is a large recommendation from my side because the mutuality of it makes everybody happy- you have a more attractive roof, with better cooling and heating, and the environment is made safer because of the increased amount of oxygen and decreased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

-Flaviu Delczeg


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