Battling Fossil Fuels; Part I- Breezy Back-ups

Fossil Fuels are used everyday as a primary source of energy worldwide. Fossil fuels are incredibly reliable and efficient, however they are shortcomings as they do not last forever and are nonrenewable resources. In addition, they harm the environment with the large amount of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfuric Dioxide, and various other gases that could either heat or pollute the atmosphere. Fossil Fuels may be beneficial to us, but are extremely detrimental to the environment around us. We need a new alternative.

Wind energy or “Tempest Energy” as I will dub it the rest of the blog, is incredibly efficient and does not damage the environment in any way. The basis of Tempest Energy is creating a system of specialized windmills that when spun activate a generator that gets energy for us to use.

Tempest Energy is extremely useful because the wind blows every single day and therefore we can get energy every single day; All by the power of Mother Nature. However, what about the days when the wind doesn’t blow? We would be up the creek without a paddle and be without energy that day, thus slowing our businesses, homes, and schools. Even if Tempest Energy is extremely reliable, we should not focus solely on it. There are many other alternative resources that we can use for energy. Stay Tuned for Part II in our quest to combat Fossil Fuels.

-Flaviu Delczeg


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