Tragedy in the Gulf

Mark Wilson reports

Almost a month after President Obama repealed a moratorium banning off-shore drilling off the coast of the United states, a major BP pipeline broke, causing a behemoth oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Pumping about 1,000 barrels, or 42,000 gallons, of oil every day, the pipeline is reaking havok on the ecosystems in the gulf.

According to the CNM News Network, 20 turtles have been found ashore dead due to the oil.  But not just this, the oil is floating on the habitat of bluefin tuna fish, an endagenared species, during the rare time of year when it breeds and lays eggs. This wreckless accident also has negative effects on the economy. The governmenet has imposed a 10 day fishing ban on the areas affected, causing the huge seafood markets to come to a hault. Nationally, the price of crude oil rose 51 cents per barrel.

This event is bringing much national attention to the much debated issue of off-shore drilling. For years, global warming skeptics and conservatives have promoted off-shore drilling as a viable means of gaining energy dependency. This accident, however, proves that off-shore is still highly unsafe and brings catastrophic consequences to the people and wildlife nearby.

– Silvia Chicas

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    suzrocks said,

    Great page… great blogs all around. I’m a resident of the Gulf Coast. I’m pressing the importance of spreading the facts about this incident. In many cases, it is under reported and downplayed. Thank you!

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