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Saving Money = Saving the Environment?

Us, like most people spend our money on many things. It may be something as minor as groceries or something as major as a vehicle, purchasing has a large impact on our lives. I am about to propose a secret that will make your lives much easier.

Conserve. This is imperative because if you conserve money, not only are you saving your money and fattening your wallet, you are also saving the environment. Take for example, purchasing a car. Indeed, cars are expensive and it is not necessary to spend all funds on impressive cars with intimidating rims. A car like that will cost well over a hundred thousand dollars.

If one is wise in money management, he would know to spend money on a used car that is more years in age and will be kept for more than two years. Furthermore, daily routines can be cut down for prudency. For example, if a person starts off a day with a donut, if he does not buy a donut from the donut restaurant anymore and eats his breakfast at home, he will be saying lets say $1.00 a day. Multiply this for every day in a year and the man will be able to save $365 dollars. Multiply this for years on end and even more money will be conserved.

Likewise, let’s say a woman starts off every day with a hot cup of coffee from McDonalds. If she quit this habit and started taking coffee self-made from home, not only would she save money, but the environment would be helped out in this symbiotic deal- less resources used to make those plastic cups and lids.

So, with finality, I can say that we ALL should take small steps like these to not only conserve our money, but also to conserve our environment, ultimately resulting in a greener wallet and a greener earth.
– Flaviu Delczeg

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Garbage Vacuum Cleaner ?

Beach clean ups aren’t anything new to anyone. Many people participate in these clean ups everywhere. Thaere are programs out there like “adopt a beach” where schools and organizations can get a beach dedicated to their efforts. Its a pretty cool thing to clean up our beautiful oceans and keeping things beautiful. Now, step one, clean up garbage complete. What do we do now with this garbage? This the time where we get creative.

Getting creative is exactly what the clean up projects in the Kahuku Beach did. The company, Electrolux decided to use the plastic picked up at the beach and used it to create a fully functional vacuum. The main purpose for this vacuum aside from its eye catching looks is to raise awareness. When people see it, it makes them think, think about the large sums of trash that this vacuum came from and all of that. The problem with beach side littering isn’t the lack of effort in clean ups, its the multiplying disregard of trash disposal that it all begins with. As time goes on,the volume of trash increases. Its impossible to clean it all up, and it shouldn’t happen. Thought provoking innovations like the trash vacuum make people think before they litter, to stop the problem we’ve got to stop it at the root.

-Tiffany Thai

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The People Have Spoken – Enjoy one of our PSA’s

Yesterday was the final day to upload our points for the UN Foundation’s The People Speak project, so we want to thank everyone who helped make this year so successful. Check back on May 25th to see if we win the trip to the Netherlands.

For now, enjoy one of our PSA’s that features some of our efforts over the past two years.

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A Rocky 2050

As part of The People Speak contest, I have created a PSA pretending to be in the year 2050 while looking back at all the things that have changed 10 years at a time

~Jay Meza

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Preventing Cancer, One Step at a Time

Cancer is a villain in our society. It is the antihero that is the second most leading cause of death in the U.S (next to Heart Disease). Little do we know that we actually have power against these “evil forces”. It is humanly possible to prevent these “Deathly”, “incurable” diseases. We hold more capabilities in our hand than we actually believe.

The truth is, vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, grapes, tomatoes, garlics and onions, green tea, oats, and broccoli hold a role in repressing cancer. Scientists agree that this diet is one deciding factor (in addition to the outside environment, but more on that later) in restraining cancer and strengthening cells before cancer arrives in the body.

Likewise, because diet is substantially important and is the chain link between cancer and heart disease, it is also possible to interdict heart disease before it reaches our body as well by eating healthily and stopping obesity before it reaches us.

Furthermore, exposure to cancer may also prove to be hindered if you are in a greener, less polluted environment lacking in asbestos, contaminated water, and even radiation. If more people center their focus on bettering the environment, then the cancer output would be lower. It has also been proven that increased use of green products could thwart the threat of cancer.

If we take small steps such as eating more vegetables, recycling more, using more environmentally friendly products, and working in less harmful places, we can limit the abilities of cancer before it reaches us. So let us go toward a new future, a greener future, devoid of cancer.

-Flaviu Delczeg

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2010 TPS Global Debate – A Review

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The Green Team Joins the Race to Energy Independance!

This just in from the Global organization:

Below is a special movement update we’re really excited about! It’s from three of our young allies in China, India, and the United States– about the launch of a new campaign called “The Great Power Race.” We’ve been pumped for this project for a while now, and as BP’s oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, we feel the timing couldn’t be more important for a new race to clean energy…

Dear Friends,

We are young people from 3 of the largest countries on the planet — China, India, and the United States — announcing the launch of the Great Power Race.

The Great Power Race is a clean energy competition between students in China, India, and the United States. The aim is to kick-start hundreds of new climate solutions projects on campuses and in communities in all three countries and to demonstrate to governments and businesses our generation’s leadership in transforming our world towards a green economy.

The Great Power Race begins now. This spring, we’re seeing which country can sign up the most campus teams to take part:

Students, visit the website to register a team on your campus today:

Not a student? Please forward this email to any students you know in China, India or the US and encourage them to sign up.

You’ve seen the headlines:

“Asian Nations Could Outpace U.S. in Developing Clean Energy” – The Washington Post, Jul 7, 2009

“Obama Says U.S. Must Win Clean-Energy Race” – The Los Angeles Times, Oct 24, 2009

“China surges ahead of U.S. in clean energy race” – The Hindu, Mar 26, 2010

“China leads world in clean energy investment” – The People’s Daily Online, Mar 29, 2010

Ultimately, this is a race for all of humanity — a race to solve the greatest challenge of our time and to realize the greatest opportunity for a prosperous future.

Each of us works as a coordinator for youth climate movement campaigns in our respective countries, and we’re excited to be working on this international campaign together. We’re also looking forward to some healthy competition!

So, which country is going to take the lead in registering the most teams for the race?  Register your team for the Great Power Race — — or forward this email to any students you know in China, India, and the U.S. and encourage them to sign up.

Our parents raced for the Moon. Our generation will race for the Earth. Ready, set, GO!

Suren, Anjali, Shane, and everyone at CYCAN, EAC, IYCN, and

P.S. We know there are a lot of college students on Facebook & Twitter. Please join our new Facebook Page ( To quickly rally your Facebook friends to join, click here:  For Twitter, this link should do the trick:

P.P.S. Are you not in China, India, or the US?  You can still be a part of the Race: visit  And please do forward this email to students in those three countries.

P.P.P.S. There will also be opportunities to link the Great Power Race with 10/10/10–the “Global Work Party.”  10/10/10 will be a day to launch or showcase our climate solution projects for students and non-students all over the world.   More information will come soon at

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The People Speak PSA

The purpose of this video is to raise awareness about the vital issue of energy preservation. I touch on simple ways to conserve energy in ways that want affect your everyday life. Our efforts are for our involvement in the United Nations “The People Speak” contest. We hope you enjoy.

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Recyclable toothbrushes? Yuck.

Now at the peak of the green movement, people are looking for any easy, and affordable method of injecting some environmental-friendliness into their daily lives. There are, however, some things that people are hesitant about recycling: Underwear, toilet paper, and toothbrushes. There is one brave company, however, that is making headway in these untapped markets. So far, Preserve has launched a series of recyclable toothbrushes, razors, and even toothpicks. The product we want to focus on here is Preserve’s Mail-Back Pack. This is a toothbrush with a handle made out of 100% recycled yogurt cups. The item comes in a bag with a mail-back address and a pre-paid stamp printed on the back. So, essentially this process consists of buyers using a toothbrush, then mailing it back to the company to prepare it for re-usal. Unlike many environmentally-friendly items, this one is quite reasonably priced. This toothbrush comes in one of five chic colors for the gentle price of 3 dollars.

-Silvia Chicas

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Kerr’s 2010 TPS Collage of Climate Performances – Part 4

Kerr’s 2010 TPS Collage of Climate Performances – Part 4

This is the fourth and final segment of our “Collage of climate Performances” which consist of The Green Art contest and of the final number “Save the World”. Please make sure to leave comments.

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