Saving Money = Saving the Environment?

Us, like most people spend our money on many things. It may be something as minor as groceries or something as major as a vehicle, purchasing has a large impact on our lives. I am about to propose a secret that will make your lives much easier.

Conserve. This is imperative because if you conserve money, not only are you saving your money and fattening your wallet, you are also saving the environment. Take for example, purchasing a car. Indeed, cars are expensive and it is not necessary to spend all funds on impressive cars with intimidating rims. A car like that will cost well over a hundred thousand dollars.

If one is wise in money management, he would know to spend money on a used car that is more years in age and will be kept for more than two years. Furthermore, daily routines can be cut down for prudency. For example, if a person starts off a day with a donut, if he does not buy a donut from the donut restaurant anymore and eats his breakfast at home, he will be saying lets say $1.00 a day. Multiply this for every day in a year and the man will be able to save $365 dollars. Multiply this for years on end and even more money will be conserved.

Likewise, let’s say a woman starts off every day with a hot cup of coffee from McDonalds. If she quit this habit and started taking coffee self-made from home, not only would she save money, but the environment would be helped out in this symbiotic deal- less resources used to make those plastic cups and lids.

So, with finality, I can say that we ALL should take small steps like these to not only conserve our money, but also to conserve our environment, ultimately resulting in a greener wallet and a greener earth.
– Flaviu Delczeg

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