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Shocking Record

Okay, I’m going to seriously stop with the puns now.

Recently, a very important Guinness world record was broken! The previously held distance record for an electric car on one charge!

In Tokyo, the car was able to drive about 623 miles on a single juice up, beating the previous record and showing promise for the future of electrical car batteries.

Granted, much more work will still have to be done before such vehicles will be able to be used commonly within the United States, or anywhere for that matter. The biggest problem with electric cars is that electricity, like all other energy, requires a source before it can be used.

And unfortunately, the infrastructure within the status quo is mostly powered by coal power plants, not alternative green sources as we should be hoping for.

But still, these kind of achievements are what makes it possible to believe in the green ideal, and that we should all keep doing our best to promote green technology in order for it to fight its way to the top of the marketplace against the oil king.

Let’s try to get a stable electricity output system in before we do that first though, alright?

~Jay Meza

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Infinite Light

What would you do if I told you that you could get a lightbulb that doesn’t increase your electric bill, lights up as good as a regular lightbulb, produces no carbon emissions, and is self-sustainable?

You would probably want some of the ‘stuff’ I’m smoking.

Well let me tell you that it is really good stuff, because that is exactly what I present to you with information regarding the solar powered lightbulb!

This is some relatively new technology, with this particular version calling itself the “first” solar-powered lightbulb in the world. if this is true, the future of lightbulbs is looking rather bright! (pun intended)

Because of this, it will not be able to serve as an awesome replacement to all the current lightbulbs in a person’s house. However, it still is a promising outlook of what is to be expected out of lightbulbs in the future.

This is also a case of where green technology is able to help developing countries, where the bulb will be of most use! Kerosene will no longer have to be burnt in huge quantities to serve for lighting purposes. These extremely inexpensive bulbs can instead work as the awesome replacements they were meant to be, and give a bit of bright relief to those living in deep, dark, hopeless conditions. The outlook is sunny for these people!

I’ll stop with the puns now.

~Jay Meza

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Printing Buildings

Straying away from search engines now, we move onto other interesting topics. One in particular that is both cool as a concept, and even cooler when you realize the environmental implications, is a huge printer which could potentially print out entire buildings.

On top of being able to print out rather sturdy structures very cheaply and at a faster rate then conventional methods, the printer also gives out little waste in comparison to standard buildings, which means that less resources are necessary to produce more efficient buildings. The buildings it produces are like the fluroscent lightbulbs of architecture!

However, as it is still emerging technology, not an awful lot should be expected yet. The printer is currently only set to create structures on the moon with no immediate plans for earth-based used. Still, the point is that if this kind of technology could be expanded upon, researched, and used on Earth, there would be one more ‘green’ thing done that would also bolster expansion into new fields of design and technology which have never been explored before. If used right, this could be revolutionary and work on a scale unseen since the last great innovation!

~Jay Meza

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Searching for the Rainforest

Out of all the green search engines shown so far, Ecosia is most definitely one of the most green-intensive and useful. While EcochoGreenmaven, and Greenseek are both heavily specialized and good in their own rights, they do not plant quite as much or contribute as much as Ecosia does. Thank you to the blogger who made the comment that brought this to my attention!

Ecosia’s purpose is to help save the rainforest from deforestation that hits it. In order to do it, every search manages to save 2.4 square yards of rainforest land. That means that after just 10 searches, a land area about the size of a living room! 80% of its advertising revenue goes towards the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) program, which helps to support this measures. Tack that on with the green servers that it uses, and the large FAQ’s and detailed explanations on how all this is possible, and you’ve got a reliable search engine that any green enthusiast should use.

What makes it even better is that both Yahoo and Bing are powering it, meaning that if you regularly use these engines, you will be able to do so in a way that will do more then simply get you some information that you want!

So if you haven’t been convinced to use an engine more useful then the previous contenders, then this is something you should seriously consider! Nothing better then getting the same results and helping the world at the same time.

~Jay Meza

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Green collar jobs

Now a days hundreds of Americans are trying hard to find jobs, but without success. The jobs that they eventually get are just one of the reasons why the earth is getting sick everyday. Why don’t we try to resolve this problem by finding a way to help clean up the earth from the dirty polluted air, and at the same time benefiting our selves? Guess what, there is way of doing just that, which is getting green collar jobs. The term green collar jobs refer as a job that not only do you get paid for but you also help the environment. The green collar job started from a woman named Alan Thein Durning, who wrote a book in June 1999, called “Green Collar Jobs”. This book influenced green jobs for the people, and the government paid $125 million dollars to train the people for those jobs. Right now in the U.S. we have the three green economy sectors that growing rapidly, and with that in mind we need more, well trained employees. There are green jobs that need lots of workers, for example, solar companies are growing so rapidly that they need more installers to meet their need. The wind power companies need workers to build the wind fans, and the green building contractors need workers for construction. These are opportunities that we as Americans need to take advantage of, because if we don’t we won’t just be hurting our financial life, but we will also be disturbing our world.

Eghosa Okundaye

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