Shocking Record

Okay, I’m going to seriously stop with the puns now.

Recently, a very important Guinness world record was broken! The previously held distance record for an electric car on one charge!

In Tokyo, the car was able to drive about 623 miles on a single juice up, beating the previous record and showing promise for the future of electrical car batteries.

Granted, much more work will still have to be done before such vehicles will be able to be used commonly within the United States, or anywhere for that matter. The biggest problem with electric cars is that electricity, like all other energy, requires a source before it can be used.

And unfortunately, the infrastructure within the status quo is mostly powered by coal power plants, not alternative green sources as we should be hoping for.

But still, these kind of achievements are what makes it possible to believe in the green ideal, and that we should all keep doing our best to promote green technology in order for it to fight its way to the top of the marketplace against the oil king.

Let’s try to get a stable electricity output system in before we do that first though, alright?

~Jay Meza

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