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The Green Party: A radical shift from Two-Party Politics

 With growing concerns about the environment and alternative energy fueling the ‘green movement,’ a rather large group of Americans have joing together to create their own independent party: The Green Party.

Though not in the spotlight as much as the two main parties (Democrats and Republicans) or the two lesser known parties (Independents, The Tea Party) that are fighting for midterm wins, the Green Party’s primary focus is to secure a future for what Scott McLarty hopes to be “the rest of the century.”

The group’s national website boasts a wide array of environmental and political material: from state-to-state updates on the Green Party’s campaign, to merchandise for voters that would like to switch, this political organization is working diligently to increase its numbers.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to the Green Party.

-Cameron Clark

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BP Oil Cap


As everyone knows through the media focus on  the oil spill caused by BP (British Petroleum) early in the year, we all know its pretty bad. In mid summer, on Monday, July 12, it was reported that BP would attempt to install an oil cap to contain the gush. It was said to be a week long project that took much planning to achieve. It was stated by Kent Wells, a BP senior vice president that,” We did an extensive amount of preparation work in terms of planning and installation, and we’re pleased at this point on how it’s going.” After almost three months since the oil spill fiasco started, (Started in April 20.) Its about time they installed the oil cap. 

On the following Saturday the past oil containment unit will be would be robotically removed and brought to shore to containment ships. There will be a time in between though where oil the oil will obviously be flowing out. It is said that 2.5 million gallons of oil is poured out daily, so the transition time had to be extremely swift. Sadly though, this oil cap will be just a temporary fix to control the oil issue. It is said that BP would hope to be able to presently stop the leak by sometime in August, which could be happening anytime now.

-Tiffany Thai

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