Ridin(g) on Air

On September 3, Colorado had it’s very alternative fuel showcase. It displayed various innovations and breakthrough in the alternative energy field. But Ford’s latest invention caught the exhibit’s attention. It was Ford’s latest invention, the shuttle bus that can hold up to 12 passengers that got everyone’s attention. Now what’s so different or even special about this shuttle bus? Well consider this, it’s the first shuttle bus that has a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine and that Ford is planning to start mass producing it all over the country. Now this is a definite breakthroughs in field of green-er transportation. Similar break through has also been established, like the Leaf, a Nissan car that runs on 100% electricity. This proves that non-gasoline powered cars are achievable and that if we keep funding and innovating, one day cars that runs on gasoline will become a thing of the past

~Phil Pham

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    JaMarcus G. Lacy said,

    This was in Colorado? I wonder how many states in total something like this has happened in. The level of eco. efficient innovations should be increased. I believe that one day, it is possible “one day cars that run on gas. will become a thing of the past.”

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