The Dangers of Oil

For many years the United States has relied on oil for fuel, continually ignoring the harms that it causes to the environment and that it will eventually run out. After the BP oil spill we witnessed, first hand, how dangers producing oil can be, but they are more dangers that exist after production. For example the delivery of oil itself is very dangerous.

The oil that is imported by the United States is delivered in tankers. “The risk of an oil spill occurring because of tanker carrying either foreign crude or refined petroleum is more likely than an oil spill caused by offshore exploration or production platform. Over the last 50 years, offshore drilling spills have unleashed a little more than 1 million tons of oil, while tanker accidents have spilled 4 million.”

Over all the production of oil is dangerous and in the best interest of the United States. We must find a better solution to our energy needs because our  environment in danger if we do not.

-Funmilayo Amubieya

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