The Tide is High…

hyturbineThe tides are rising and so is the demand for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. OTEC is a new alternative energy source that generates electricity from water as a heat engine. The temperature difference from our oceans actually creates efficient energy. Currently, the problem with OTEC is that it doesn’t generate a lot of energy, so it’s up to Congress to determine if the costs outweigh the benefits, but changes in heat exchange show promise. 70% of the Earth is currently covered with water and the sun is heating the waters to generated electricity. With a combination of solar energy and hydropower a new alternative energy source and actually dominate the wind energy markets. Recent attempts at implementing OTEC failed because of costs and low efficiency rates, but if thermal efficiency were to increase in magnitude, electrical sources might be changed altogether. In a cost-benefit analysis, the sum of money Congress has to put out may gut the economy, but the overall benefits from saving our natural resources will greatly outweigh.

-Nicholas Chan

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