Trick or Trees

Many of us know that trees are beneficial, but a large percentage of those do not understand why. We constantly cut down forests and plants around us in order to satisfy our own need, yet we do not know that when we wipe out these trees, slowly it will begin to hurt us.

When we trash the land around us, it will continue to be there unless we get rid of it. This can be applied to the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Trees not only serve as the beauty that nature exhibits, but it also filters our air. When we breathe out carbon dioxide, trees intake it and release out oxygen. If this is true, why would we allow deforestation to happen? Our population is growing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should go on an environmental rampage just so that we can have large houses and big backyards. Not only should we stop killing mass amount of trees, but we should grow more. For the immense amount of carbon dioxide we emit, it wouldn’t hurt to reduce the CO2 in the air to mitigate temperature change and to reduce the unhealthy substances in the air that we breathe.

~Christine Umeh

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