Green Driving Tips

All of us that can drive love it; especially when you drive 100 mph down the street and riding down hills. But now that you are trying to go green, you don’t know exactly what you should do. But anyways here are some tips to green cargo green while driving your car:

  • Drive at 55mph. It might be painful, but you lose 10% fuel efficiency, so keep your speed down when you can.
  • If you stop your car for more than two minutes, you should turn your car off. It leads to fuel efficiency of 19%. An example would be if you are a parent or friend waiting for somebody to finish doing what they are doing at the school or work or whatever. Instead of waiting for 5 minutes with the car on, turn it off.
  • You should accelerate and hit the brakes at the next light so much. Accelerating less aggressively and slowing down moderately for stops can increase your fuel efficiency by over 30%.
  • Traffic lights are aimed for efficient traffic flow, so if you maintain a constant speed and will hit more green lights.
  • Change your plugs regularly, keep your engine tuned up, and your filters clean. Empty your car of any extra items you’ve been hauling around to lighten your load.
  • Find co-workers, friends or family to carpool with.
  • A tire’s roll resistance alone uses 20% of your fuel consumption. To save gas and drive smart, purchase quality, top of the line tires.  It may cost you more out of pocket but they will perform better and save you more in the long run.

You can also find ways that see if you’re wasting gas by installing a fuel saving application like MyMPG on your iPhone. If you have an iPhone it is good to install this application or others like it because it lets you know if you are wasting gas. Driving smart is really just common sense. If you really need to drive, then drive smart and save green. If you can walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation, do so. You’ll be helping the earth even more. Well until next time.

~Christine Umeh


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