Lean Green Vegetarian Machines

vegetarian-IQGreenhouse gases and global warming is becoming a serious threat to the environment and it’s important now more than ever to change human history. Environmental organizations constantly look for ways to reduce and limit the emissions emitted, but don’t target the leading causes of it. Society is looking past the most logistical, probable, and effective strategy for global warming: vegetarian diets. Temperatures are higher than expected and have been climbing the charter much faster than we ever expected. Consequences of unchecked warming are coastal flooding, disastrous weather conditions, disease spread, and mass species extinctions. Domestic bills and legislation passed through Congress strictly focuses on fuel economy standards, capping emissions, and investing time and funds on alternative energy sources, but Dr. James Hansen indicates that C02 emissions are not the main cause of atmospheric warming. Many other gases trap heat and are evidently more potent and powerful. According to studies, the most important greenhouse gas is methane and is caused most by livestock and animal agriculture. Methane is 21 times more powerful than C02 and methane concentrations have doubled. Coal mining, landfills, and most of all animal agriculture produces more than 100 million tons of methane a year. About 80-85% of methane is produced by emissions from livestock and however comical the situation may be, targeting the root cause of global warming is incredibly important. The best way to reduce global warming is to eliminate heavy consumption in animal products. Simply promoting vegetarian diets and cutting back on meat leads to a reduction of supply and demand efforts for livestock. The overall benefits of vegetarian diets prove to be cost effective, empirically proven to work, and faster than any of the status quo initiatives to win a small battle in a larger war.

-Nicholas Chan

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