Go Big or Go Home!

captradeGlobal Warming and greenhouse emissions are becoming a bigger issue than we ever expected. Our own industrial revolution seem to coming back to bite us in the butt, but President Barack Obama is currently proposing a policy to Congress concerning cap and trade emissions. The policy calls for the auctioning off of permits to large emission companies. There will be a cap set to determine the amount of carbon released and carbon permits will be traded to carbon emitters. Since the U.S never signed the Kyoto Protocol, getting this passed through Congress will be a huge achievement and a positive thumbs up from other countries around the world. Obama wants to reduce emissions by 83% during the 2050. Although the legislation is being debated now, it might end up being crowded out by the controversial health care proposals. The President is using up tons of his political capital in order to get health care passed and it might be incredibly hard to squeeze cap and trade in there as well. There is also still public opposition to the policy because Americans just don’t seem to care about global warming because it doesn’t seem to affect their current day to day lives, but U.S citizens must open up their eyes and look to the bigger picture. Melting ice caps, depleting animal habitats and resource wars are just small scale consequences to a much larger problem. If Congress doesn’t follow through, we’re going to be expecting warmer winters.

-Nicholas Chan

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