Being Eco-friendly while having fun

When going to a party, having a night out, or having a relaxing night in, the environmental probably would be the last thing on your relaxed mind. The thing is, there are so many things that can be done that not only helps out the environmental, but it helps out your wallet also.

  • Movies. When you want to have a day in watching a movie, instead of buying a movie, you can rent it. thousands 0f DVD’s are trashed every year and instead of throwing out the movie, you can rent it. Also, an average DVD costs around 16 dollars, where as you can rent a movie for a night for only one dollar!
  • Ordering drinks at restaurants. Instead of asking for bottled drinks, take the tap. It honestly doesn’t taste much different, and you reduce the bottle usage. Also, most of the time, tap drinks are much cheaper than the bottled version.
  • Turn off the games. Most of the time game stations like wii and ps3’s normally have three settings, on, off, and stand-by. When most people turn the console off, they hold the button down too short, hence putting it on stand-by instead of fully off. Eliminate this mistake by watching until the power light turns red. With this, you save energy and your console doesn’t over heat !
  • Read your news on the internet! You can now subscribe to a greater variety of news on the internet. With this you save paper, and you get a bigger variety of news, plus a lot of it is available for free if not for a small subscription rate.

-Tiffany Thai


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