Electronic disposal

As we all should know, electronics have to be specially disposed of. Now, the question is, how many people actually do that? I’m pretty sure many people have been guilty of simply throwing a battery or two straight into the trash simply because the trip to your local recycle plant wouldn’t be very convenient. In this new more eco-aware time and age, disposing electronics have become a much simpler task when it comes to the smaller items like print cartillages and cell phones. Those recycle boxes are everywhere. I bet all of you have seen one or two of them every now and then. They’ve come to a point where most office supply stores and schools offer then at their entrances. Now, what about the bigger electronics? broken laptops, tv’s, stuff like that? Well that still remains an issue. The group called Electronics TakeBack Coalition has been trying to steer companies to making the option avalible for consumers to return products to them for disposal. Sadly, it is stated in mnn, “Most companies, got big fat Fs — like Brother, my stereo maker Sony, and my camera maker Canon. Interestingly, a good handful of these flunkies actually have take-back programs! It’s just that these programs are (intentionally?) tough to use for average consumers…” It seems that we’ve still got a long way to go to advocate the proper removal of our electronics.

-Tiffany Thai

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