Koffing and Weezing.

Currently, policy analysts are arguing for a reduction of restrictions on air pollution because society has made so many developments in reducing the impacts of air pollution. However, even though there has been significant process, it doesn’t mean the problem of air pollution is eliminated altogether. Granted, we have been able to reduce outdoor air pollution, we have not eliminated the problem. High concentrations of air pollution still kill people and cost lives. We continue burning coal which emits pollutants and still rely on fossil fuels as an energy source, so until we find alternatives to all of these problems, we will continue to have problems of air pollution. Also, diseases are said to be linked to air pollution such as a high exposure or concentration of nitrogen oxide, but because nothing concrete has been found, regulations should be reduced too. Although we haven’t tracked nitrogen oxides as the root cause of some diseases, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t the cause of it either. There is still the high possibility that they are related. I don’t think the regulations should be relaxed or tightened because neither side can be proven, but we can’t rule out any possibilities so we should just keep policies the way they are. A significant step forward is not a signal to stop, but to continue stepping in the right direction.

-Nicholas Chan

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