it’s a pillowpet world

Kerr Speech and Debate recently finished up compeating in the yearly The People Speak Competition.We have been participating in this competiton every year and it has been extremely successful every year. The people speaks is a program that raises awareness for students around the world about what is going on in their world. one of the activities that some of our students participated in were PSA’s. These are self made public service announcments that are left up to interpretation by the students. One of our students that particpated in this was Tam Tran, a freshman. Her video takes a comedic approach to the issue this year of immigration and intergration. Instead of using real people, she uses an attention getter by incorperating some of the most trendiest toys on the market today, pillowpets, as her main character. She uses a variety of different animals to represent how in the future how intergration will result into a wonderful melting pot of different cultures. She uses typical racial sterotypes portrayed by different animals and through this comedic video she further shows how interesting it could be to have a future where cultures are mixed and interacting with each other. Though this PSA makes the viewers entertained comediclly, it still holds many educational values that pertain to migration and how it is a positive change.

Tiffany Thai

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