Water Woes

With the recent floods in the United States, we can see that water prices, water shortages, and disaster flooding are problems being dealt with all around the international community. Currently countries like Bolivia, have failing water pipes and the water sector is being privatized which is driving prices for water. It is suggested that the United Nations pay for the upgrade of the water system. They are an international organization that specializes in helping countries that are in need. Multiple countries are a part of the U.N and they are mostly all developed countries. They have the obligation to chip in pay help out a country in need. The water pipes should all be fixed and even privatized like in United States. Because there is a shortage of water, first fixing pipes and allowing the Bolivian government to deal with it will allow for it to be a prosperous industry in the future. A shortage of water in Saudi Arabia will cause water wars in the Middle East that will spillover into the oil industry. This will affect investors and drive up oil costs as well as create conflict in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is a corner stone country that is integral to the international community. A shortage of water will affect the economy of the country because it is so heavily reliant on oil and with water wars, the country will eventually crumble. Humans don’t prepare for floods with urbanization because the soil from land is capable of absorbing the water, but building the streets will prevent that from happening. To reduce these effects, we can reduce urbanization, improve sewage/drainage systems, and prepare for flooding disasters.

-Nicholas Chan

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