Fate of the world

Now the question is, how do we educate a younger generation about the importance of our planet and cause them to want to apply themselves to protecting our planet? Well of course we’re going to have to make it fun, we’re going to have to hit them in this generation’s home element, technology. Well let’s be more specific, we’ve got to find a way to infuse educational values into a technological game play. This is exactly what Fate of the World is.

Fate of the World is a game created in England that was released in November. It’s a role-playing game that allows kids to make the executive decisions for our planet’s future. The game gives the players a 200 year time line where scenario  are decided upon their choices.  As stated by Nina Chestney, “‘Fate of the World’ puts the Earth’s future in players’ hands, placing them in charge of an international environmental body which could save the world from the effects of rising greenhouse gas emissions or let it perish by continuing to rely on emissions-heavy fossil fuels.”  At the moment this game is only at its trial phase, but the full version is to be released in February if feedback deems positive.

-Tiffany Thai

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