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Koffing and Weezing.

Currently, policy analysts are arguing for a reduction of restrictions on air pollution because society has made so many developments in reducing the impacts of air pollution. However, even though there has been significant process, it doesn’t mean the problem of air pollution is eliminated altogether. Granted, we have been able to reduce outdoor air pollution, we have not eliminated the problem. High concentrations of air pollution still kill people and cost lives. We continue burning coal which emits pollutants and still rely on fossil fuels as an energy source, so until we find alternatives to all of these problems, we will continue to have problems of air pollution. Also, diseases are said to be linked to air pollution such as a high exposure or concentration of nitrogen oxide, but because nothing concrete has been found, regulations should be reduced too. Although we haven’t tracked nitrogen oxides as the root cause of some diseases, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t the cause of it either. There is still the high possibility that they are related. I don’t think the regulations should be relaxed or tightened because neither side can be proven, but we can’t rule out any possibilities so we should just keep policies the way they are. A significant step forward is not a signal to stop, but to continue stepping in the right direction.

-Nicholas Chan


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Clean Up After Yourself

When you were a child, you most likely heard your parents talk to you alot about cleaning up after yourself when you eat, play, or do anything that may be messy. Alot of officials haven’t been listening to their parents. In the age of rapid modernization and “Empire”, the aim of most countries is to gain hegemony or global influence through economical means. They choose to go about their goals by building more to strengthen their economies, but they find it unnecessary to analyze their methods and the effects of them. This is exact problem that Dubai finds itself in at the moment. While their skyline is one of the most beautiful of the middle eastern area, the ground is a whole different story. The challenge of water is evolving to much more than just a problem: due to the recent growth much of their water has been tainted by waste and unfortunately the water treatments plants in the area don’t have the energy to clean all of it up. To respond to this problem, Dubai has decided to increase its erudition in nuclear energy. This venture seeks to solve the problem of desalination, and the lack of energy for the new buildings. It’s necessary to clean up after yourself, and, in fact, plan out clean up before you begin your endeavor.

Jesse Anyalebechi

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The Dangers of Oil

For many years the United States has relied on oil for fuel, continually ignoring the harms that it causes to the environment and that it will eventually run out. After the BP oil spill we witnessed, first hand, how dangers producing oil can be, but they are more dangers that exist after production. For example the delivery of oil itself is very dangerous.

The oil that is imported by the United States is delivered in tankers. “The risk of an oil spill occurring because of tanker carrying either foreign crude or refined petroleum is more likely than an oil spill caused by offshore exploration or production platform. Over the last 50 years, offshore drilling spills have unleashed a little more than 1 million tons of oil, while tanker accidents have spilled 4 million.”

Over all the production of oil is dangerous and in the best interest of the United States. We must find a better solution to our energy needs because our  environment in danger if we do not.

-Funmilayo Amubieya

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BP Oil Cap


As everyone knows through the media focus on  the oil spill caused by BP (British Petroleum) early in the year, we all know its pretty bad. In mid summer, on Monday, July 12, it was reported that BP would attempt to install an oil cap to contain the gush. It was said to be a week long project that took much planning to achieve. It was stated by Kent Wells, a BP senior vice president that,” We did an extensive amount of preparation work in terms of planning and installation, and we’re pleased at this point on how it’s going.” After almost three months since the oil spill fiasco started, (Started in April 20.) Its about time they installed the oil cap. 

On the following Saturday the past oil containment unit will be would be robotically removed and brought to shore to containment ships. There will be a time in between though where oil the oil will obviously be flowing out. It is said that 2.5 million gallons of oil is poured out daily, so the transition time had to be extremely swift. Sadly though, this oil cap will be just a temporary fix to control the oil issue. It is said that BP would hope to be able to presently stop the leak by sometime in August, which could be happening anytime now.

-Tiffany Thai

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Tragedy in the Gulf

Mark Wilson reports

Almost a month after President Obama repealed a moratorium banning off-shore drilling off the coast of the United states, a major BP pipeline broke, causing a behemoth oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Pumping about 1,000 barrels, or 42,000 gallons, of oil every day, the pipeline is reaking havok on the ecosystems in the gulf.

According to the CNM News Network, 20 turtles have been found ashore dead due to the oil.  But not just this, the oil is floating on the habitat of bluefin tuna fish, an endagenared species, during the rare time of year when it breeds and lays eggs. This wreckless accident also has negative effects on the economy. The governmenet has imposed a 10 day fishing ban on the areas affected, causing the huge seafood markets to come to a hault. Nationally, the price of crude oil rose 51 cents per barrel.

This event is bringing much national attention to the much debated issue of off-shore drilling. For years, global warming skeptics and conservatives have promoted off-shore drilling as a viable means of gaining energy dependency. This accident, however, proves that off-shore is still highly unsafe and brings catastrophic consequences to the people and wildlife nearby.

– Silvia Chicas

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Battling Fossil Fuels; Part IV- Fossil Foes

Our Final Battle is here. This will decide whether or not we win the war we have waged upon fossil fuels. As Sun Tzu stated: “Know thy enemy and know thyself and thou can fight a thousand battles.” If we have so many other choices such as Breezy Back-ups, Solar Solutions, and Aqueous Alternatives, why do people still use fossil fuels? There are many reasons why, them being absence of needs for any of the three, lack of money to build these alternative energy sources, and their own benefits.

As we know, all three alternative energy sources have requirements for them to work. The hydroelectric dam requires a large body of water, solar panels work only when sunlight is present, and windmills work when and only when wind is there. While these alternative sources may keep some kind of reservoir for this energy, what would we do if that reservoir diminished and we had none of the requirements to keep energy? That’s why we need fossil fuels. Fossil fuels work no matter the circumstance- although they harm the environment.

In addition, the costs of petrochemical refineries are far cheaper than solar panel power plants, wind farms, and hydroelectric dams.

Fossil Fuels have their own advantages. Although we have to wage war upon them, they have many benefits and should still be kept. Because Fossil Fuels such as coal can be burned for energy and petroleum can be harnessed for oil for our cars, and planes to use. Without Fossil Fuels, civilization would fall.

However, Fossil Fuels have their own disadvantages too- primarily being the harmful emissions they send out in the environment, the cost it takes to build oil drills and oil pumps and the political issues that come with these Fossil Fuels. Abusing fossil fuels, humanity would descend into ruin.

We’re not done however, we still can battle these fossil fuels- we have the greatest weapon in our arsenal; Solutions. We can keep these petrochemical refineries and only let them remain as back-ups in the case of emergency around the world. We only have enough fossil fuels for the next 50 years- if we keep on using these, in no time, they will decline and decrease in number, thus royally destroying our planet and keeping it void of energy. We should keep these fossil fuels and put them on hold, only to be used later in times of true crises. For primary energy we should combine all three of our back-ups, solutions, and alternatives at the right time and in the right place for optimal energy. We should build more alternative energy sources around the world- we should outstretch our arm not just to America, but to the entire world. If the entire world becomes dependent on alternatives, rather than fossil fuels, we would never need to worry about Global Warming or Pollution ever again. So let us end this war, permanently. Let us bring in the new Green Revolution for the entire world to enjoy.

-Flaviu Delczeg

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Battling Fossil Fuels; Part I- Breezy Back-ups

Fossil Fuels are used everyday as a primary source of energy worldwide. Fossil fuels are incredibly reliable and efficient, however they are shortcomings as they do not last forever and are nonrenewable resources. In addition, they harm the environment with the large amount of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfuric Dioxide, and various other gases that could either heat or pollute the atmosphere. Fossil Fuels may be beneficial to us, but are extremely detrimental to the environment around us. We need a new alternative.

Wind energy or “Tempest Energy” as I will dub it the rest of the blog, is incredibly efficient and does not damage the environment in any way. The basis of Tempest Energy is creating a system of specialized windmills that when spun activate a generator that gets energy for us to use.

Tempest Energy is extremely useful because the wind blows every single day and therefore we can get energy every single day; All by the power of Mother Nature. However, what about the days when the wind doesn’t blow? We would be up the creek without a paddle and be without energy that day, thus slowing our businesses, homes, and schools. Even if Tempest Energy is extremely reliable, we should not focus solely on it. There are many other alternative resources that we can use for energy. Stay Tuned for Part II in our quest to combat Fossil Fuels.

-Flaviu Delczeg

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