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Shutting Down

On March 27, 2010, the Forbidden City of Beijing has agreed to shut off all the lights. 12 billion people have agreed to participate in this event to show their awareness to the current problems within our environment. Although the event only lasted an hour, it was enough to make a significant impact not only to the world but also the people. As Lao Tzu once said “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Now Beijing has taken the first step and it’s up to the U.S to follow. With China as our biggest competitor when it comes green-er technologies and/or efforts to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint. So it won’t be long until the United States joins China and the Forbidden city of Beijing to shut off all the lights for 1 hour. But sometimes we don’t need the government to make it official, we ourselves can start shutting our electricity off for an hour, half an hour or maybe even just 15minutes but we must first take the first step if we want others to follow.

~Phil Pham

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Green collar jobs

Now a days hundreds of Americans are trying hard to find jobs, but without success. The jobs that they eventually get are just one of the reasons why the earth is getting sick everyday. Why don’t we try to resolve this problem by finding a way to help clean up the earth from the dirty polluted air, and at the same time benefiting our selves? Guess what, there is way of doing just that, which is getting green collar jobs. The term green collar jobs refer as a job that not only do you get paid for but you also help the environment. The green collar job started from a woman named Alan Thein Durning, who wrote a book in June 1999, called “Green Collar Jobs”. This book influenced green jobs for the people, and the government paid $125 million dollars to train the people for those jobs. Right now in the U.S. we have the three green economy sectors that growing rapidly, and with that in mind we need more, well trained employees. There are green jobs that need lots of workers, for example, solar companies are growing so rapidly that they need more installers to meet their need. The wind power companies need workers to build the wind fans, and the green building contractors need workers for construction. These are opportunities that we as Americans need to take advantage of, because if we don’t we won’t just be hurting our financial life, but we will also be disturbing our world.

Eghosa Okundaye

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Preventing Cancer, One Step at a Time

Cancer is a villain in our society. It is the antihero that is the second most leading cause of death in the U.S (next to Heart Disease). Little do we know that we actually have power against these “evil forces”. It is humanly possible to prevent these “Deathly”, “incurable” diseases. We hold more capabilities in our hand than we actually believe.

The truth is, vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, grapes, tomatoes, garlics and onions, green tea, oats, and broccoli hold a role in repressing cancer. Scientists agree that this diet is one deciding factor (in addition to the outside environment, but more on that later) in restraining cancer and strengthening cells before cancer arrives in the body.

Likewise, because diet is substantially important and is the chain link between cancer and heart disease, it is also possible to interdict heart disease before it reaches our body as well by eating healthily and stopping obesity before it reaches us.

Furthermore, exposure to cancer may also prove to be hindered if you are in a greener, less polluted environment lacking in asbestos, contaminated water, and even radiation. If more people center their focus on bettering the environment, then the cancer output would be lower. It has also been proven that increased use of green products could thwart the threat of cancer.

If we take small steps such as eating more vegetables, recycling more, using more environmentally friendly products, and working in less harmful places, we can limit the abilities of cancer before it reaches us. So let us go toward a new future, a greener future, devoid of cancer.

-Flaviu Delczeg

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2010 TPS Global Debate – A Review

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High School Congressional Debate Helps Encourage Discussion on Environmental Topics

Although Nuclear Fission has become a somewhat established source of energy, the potentially more efficient Nuclear Fusion source is still being developed.

Voluntary Carbon Offsets aimed torwards the general public do little to help with decreasing Carbon-Dioxide levels.

BP’s A+ for Energy grant has recognized the green debate team two years now for encouraging discussion on alternative energy among other topics concerning the environment. In the past, we’ve created environmental legislation for high school congressional debate under the guidelines of the Texas Forensic Association (TFA), the official high school speech and debate organization in Texas. As a result, we have encouraged high school students all across Texas to debate and discuss environmental issues. This year is no different, as we have submitted two pieces of legislation concerning nuclear fusion energy and carbon offsets aimed at the general public.

Our first piece of high school speech and debate legislation calls for the United States government to increase funding in nuclear fusion energy research. Nuclear fission, the more well know type of nuclear energy, has been proven to be commercial viable, but nuclear fusion is still being developed. Currently, although the United States has some involvement in international projects, such as the International Fusion Energy Agreement (IFEA), it lags behind in its own research. Simply put, the United States is a major producer of carbon-dioxide, so it must take up the responsibility of actively working to improve its own energy infrastructure instead of waiting for the technology to be developed by other countries.

Our second piece of legislation calls for the United States to ban the sale of carbon-offsets aimed at the general public. Companies and even environmental organizations that sell these types of carbon-offsets have been found to not live up to their claims. The issue of whether it would better to approach climate change through adaption versus mitigation has been a much debated issue, but there are some actions that are just obviously not right for us to take. People have been essential scammed for buying these types of carbon-offsets. The United States needs to stop these types of actions so it can put its efforts into more viable solutions that deal with climate change.

So, what do you think about nuclear fusion power and voluntary carbon-offsets? Post your comments below and tell us what you think.

By Anthony Phung

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The end


               We’ve all heard about 2012 and how the earth will end. Some of us believe that theory, and lots of us don’t. Personally I don’t believe in that either, but I know if we don’t act upon saving the earth from destruction, we are all going to die. We can prevent this by cleaning up the earth and maintaining its good state. Many people all around the earth help to make our earth a better place. Some of the things they do are cleaning the ocean, sea and etc. These are big things that people commit to do, but we can also make a difference, starting from your home. There are things we do in our homes that contribute to messing up the Erath, but there are also things we could do to make the Earth greener, like recycling. Instead of putting plastic, cans, and papers in the same trash, we can separate them into their categories, so in that way we can save energy. Doing this things gradually lead to much more effective ways of cleaning the Earth. There are some places in this world that have been a victim of not cleaning up the Earth. Africa is one of the victims because they have gone through poverty war and still are. Above all these horrible things that happen to Africa, they still have hope. We have all we need to help our Earth, so if we don’t do anything it’ll be shameful that, as a leading country we aren’t be doing our job.

Eghosa Okundaye

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“Unita Verdura”

“Unita Verdura” is what the planet needs on Earth Day. “Unita Verdura is translated to Italian for ‘Green Unity’. We need to unite the earth on this day and get everyone to go green for the benefits of the people and the planet. Politically speaking, we can unite and bring together many countries of the world for Earth Day. We can cause public awareness and get masses of people to learn about what we can do, as people to continentalize Earth Day.

It starts with you and I. We can do something on this day to further spread this semi-holiday around the world, and maybe we’ll even turn it into a national holiday- if not worldy holiday -We can take measures, no dream is too big. We can even make it a holiday in which some companies and various schools have free days on. So let’s start America. Let’s unite the world… “Unita Verdura…”

– Flaviu Delczeg

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The Little Things Make a Difference

Perhaps you have seen what our earth is coming to; perhaps you have seen how much closer Earth is to approaching Ragnarok. “Why is the earth warming up” or “why is pollution present?” people may ask. It is because of you and I that these terrible things are going on in our environment.

The little things we do in our daily lives have a major impact on the earth around us. We, humanity, as a whole, can stop using so much energy to support our lives and actually do something about the environment. All of us, have undoubtedly thrown things away, used a surplus of energy, or did much that would harm the environment despite our oblivious nature. Most of the time, we damage the earth, we do not know that we are doing it. I am here to spread public awareness and stop ourselves from hurting the earth.

Because every little thing makes a difference with one person, imagine the changes that we can make with many people! If one person starts recycling, that might be okay, but if MORE people recycle, then that’s when things really start to kick off. Because we each have free will, we each have a CHOICE on whether or not to help or hurt the planet. And if one person starts off doing good deeds and he recommends these to other people, then the good deed will spread. If the deed spreads, so will the extreme and the outcome.

If one person does something, there’s an outcome. If many people do that same action, then we have an impact. So, In finality, I say that we should all proceed to do the little things such as turning off the lights before we leave a room, using more green products, recycling, etc. so that we may be able to further assist the planet rather than harm it.

 -Flaviu Delczeg

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Battling Fossil Fuels; Part IV- Fossil Foes

Our Final Battle is here. This will decide whether or not we win the war we have waged upon fossil fuels. As Sun Tzu stated: “Know thy enemy and know thyself and thou can fight a thousand battles.” If we have so many other choices such as Breezy Back-ups, Solar Solutions, and Aqueous Alternatives, why do people still use fossil fuels? There are many reasons why, them being absence of needs for any of the three, lack of money to build these alternative energy sources, and their own benefits.

As we know, all three alternative energy sources have requirements for them to work. The hydroelectric dam requires a large body of water, solar panels work only when sunlight is present, and windmills work when and only when wind is there. While these alternative sources may keep some kind of reservoir for this energy, what would we do if that reservoir diminished and we had none of the requirements to keep energy? That’s why we need fossil fuels. Fossil fuels work no matter the circumstance- although they harm the environment.

In addition, the costs of petrochemical refineries are far cheaper than solar panel power plants, wind farms, and hydroelectric dams.

Fossil Fuels have their own advantages. Although we have to wage war upon them, they have many benefits and should still be kept. Because Fossil Fuels such as coal can be burned for energy and petroleum can be harnessed for oil for our cars, and planes to use. Without Fossil Fuels, civilization would fall.

However, Fossil Fuels have their own disadvantages too- primarily being the harmful emissions they send out in the environment, the cost it takes to build oil drills and oil pumps and the political issues that come with these Fossil Fuels. Abusing fossil fuels, humanity would descend into ruin.

We’re not done however, we still can battle these fossil fuels- we have the greatest weapon in our arsenal; Solutions. We can keep these petrochemical refineries and only let them remain as back-ups in the case of emergency around the world. We only have enough fossil fuels for the next 50 years- if we keep on using these, in no time, they will decline and decrease in number, thus royally destroying our planet and keeping it void of energy. We should keep these fossil fuels and put them on hold, only to be used later in times of true crises. For primary energy we should combine all three of our back-ups, solutions, and alternatives at the right time and in the right place for optimal energy. We should build more alternative energy sources around the world- we should outstretch our arm not just to America, but to the entire world. If the entire world becomes dependent on alternatives, rather than fossil fuels, we would never need to worry about Global Warming or Pollution ever again. So let us end this war, permanently. Let us bring in the new Green Revolution for the entire world to enjoy.

-Flaviu Delczeg

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Battling Fossil Fuels; Part II- Solar Solutions

Our quest to combat fossil fuels continues. We found out that sometimes Tempest Energy will not always work- the wind will not always blow. Therefore, we need another solution. This is where Solar Energy comes in.

The power of the sun has always been used as a source of energy. Plants and solar panels convert this sunlight into raw energy. Every time the sun shines, we would get energy from it. This is a very swell idea. Even on really cloudy days- we would still get solar energy, though not as much of an abundant amount as on a hot summer’s day. Solar energy is extremely beneficial to not only the environment but to us as well. The sun is classified as an inexhaustible resource- a resource that will never run out. This makes it potentially better than fossil fuels. It also does no damage to the environment in any way- it does not release harmful gases and does not interfere with the cooling or warming of the planet.

 Although Solar Energy is extremely efficient, and is used world-wide for energy, we still must think about the cons of Solar Energy. If we rely solely and only on Solar Energy, we would be scuba diving without oxygen tanks. What about the nights? We get no energy- no recharge at night. This can halt our civilization if we hypothetically experience a period of perpetual darkness or many days without sunlight. There is still one more choice to help us through our sunless, windless nights. Stay tuned for Part III.

– Flaviu Delczeg

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