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Windians: Gone with the Wind

WinddddddThe stimulus bill passed through Congress had many alternative energy incentives attached including wind energy. The major fault though, was the production tax credit’s (PTC) lack of language including Native Americans. Reservations are said to contain the most wind potential, but the resources are not being used because Natives receive no benefit in creating wind energy. Luckily, by making the PTC a tradable tax credit, Native populations can slowly wean off of gambling casinos and into a prospering economy. Current populations are considered impoverished because the only source of income coming in are through gambling casinos and uranium mining projects. Unfortunately these industries lead to alcoholism and lung cancer. Poverty stricken reservations are treated as a global underclass and a change in language for the PTC can make drastic changes. By making the PTC tradable, Native populations are able to develop wind farms and receive tax credits, but since Natives do not pay taxes the credits are deemed useless. However, Joint Reservation Projects are willing to trade money for the tax credits, this frees up money in the Congressional treasury and develops powerful wind energy. Including Native Americans in the gradual shift to renewable and alternative energy sources is key to the driving force behind saving the environment and curbing greenhouse gases.

-Nicholas Chan

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Feel the Breeze, Fill you Pocket.


          On hot summer day, most of use rely on two things.  We could rely on an air conditioner which emits green house gases into the atmosphere. Or we could rely on a breeze to come from any direction and cool us off. This action would hurt the environment in no way, and would have the same effect as an air conditioner. The big different between these two things is that the air conditioner works inside your house, while the breeze is only successful outdoors.

            If only we could find a way channel the breeze and move it in doors. Well search no more because I have found the solution (actually this solution has existed for many years). Wind energy! The awesome part is that this energy can be used for so much more than just cooling you off on a hot day. Wind energy can be used to power homes, just like any other kind of energy would.  Wind turbines are used to transform the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electrical energy that can be harnessed for use.

            The amazing part of this all is that there is a huge wind farm located, right, here in Texas. As of May 15, 2007 Airtricity, Inc. announced its largest wind farm. The 209 megawatt Roscoe Wind Farm will provide power to TXU Wholesale under a five year contract. This amazing new development would not only help save the planet, but it would also help economically. The helps our economy by creating more jobs, and also because wind energy are cheaper than traditional energy.

            So next time you walk outside know that the wind that you fill in your blowing in your hair, could also be filling you economy’s pockets.

– Funmilayo Amubieya

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Green collar jobs

Now a days hundreds of Americans are trying hard to find jobs, but without success. The jobs that they eventually get are just one of the reasons why the earth is getting sick everyday. Why don’t we try to resolve this problem by finding a way to help clean up the earth from the dirty polluted air, and at the same time benefiting our selves? Guess what, there is way of doing just that, which is getting green collar jobs. The term green collar jobs refer as a job that not only do you get paid for but you also help the environment. The green collar job started from a woman named Alan Thein Durning, who wrote a book in June 1999, called “Green Collar Jobs”. This book influenced green jobs for the people, and the government paid $125 million dollars to train the people for those jobs. Right now in the U.S. we have the three green economy sectors that growing rapidly, and with that in mind we need more, well trained employees. There are green jobs that need lots of workers, for example, solar companies are growing so rapidly that they need more installers to meet their need. The wind power companies need workers to build the wind fans, and the green building contractors need workers for construction. These are opportunities that we as Americans need to take advantage of, because if we don’t we won’t just be hurting our financial life, but we will also be disturbing our world.

Eghosa Okundaye

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A Rocky 2050

As part of The People Speak contest, I have created a PSA pretending to be in the year 2050 while looking back at all the things that have changed 10 years at a time

~Jay Meza

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Battling Fossil Fuels; Part I- Breezy Back-ups

Fossil Fuels are used everyday as a primary source of energy worldwide. Fossil fuels are incredibly reliable and efficient, however they are shortcomings as they do not last forever and are nonrenewable resources. In addition, they harm the environment with the large amount of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfuric Dioxide, and various other gases that could either heat or pollute the atmosphere. Fossil Fuels may be beneficial to us, but are extremely detrimental to the environment around us. We need a new alternative.

Wind energy or “Tempest Energy” as I will dub it the rest of the blog, is incredibly efficient and does not damage the environment in any way. The basis of Tempest Energy is creating a system of specialized windmills that when spun activate a generator that gets energy for us to use.

Tempest Energy is extremely useful because the wind blows every single day and therefore we can get energy every single day; All by the power of Mother Nature. However, what about the days when the wind doesn’t blow? We would be up the creek without a paddle and be without energy that day, thus slowing our businesses, homes, and schools. Even if Tempest Energy is extremely reliable, we should not focus solely on it. There are many other alternative resources that we can use for energy. Stay Tuned for Part II in our quest to combat Fossil Fuels.

-Flaviu Delczeg

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The thing that I like the most about autumn aside from pumpkin pies and Thanksgiving turkeys and free candy, is the breeze. Imagined yourself walking down sidewalk covered with crispy golden leaves, the wonderful smell of cinnamon apple pies teases your nose and all of a sudden a cool breeze embrace your body, guiding you towards paradise. Now you might be asking, how does help the environment, well wind is an inexhaustible resource meaning it won’t run out but how can we covert wind into electricity? Have no fear, Wind Turbines are here. Wind turbines are designed to use wind energy to spin the blades and axels creating kinetic energy then store that energy(potential energy) converting it into electrical energy. By installing wind turbines depending on the size can decrease a huge amount of electricity generated from nuclear power plants. Small wind turbines can generate 100 kilowatts and a large wind turbine can generate up to several megawatts. The cost of wind turbine is about 5 cent per kilowatts hour compare to the cost of the kilowatts hour that you would have to pay if you used nuclear generated electrical energy which is 5.7 cents up to 16.48 cents per kilowatts hours. But the cost of wind turbines does vary depending on the size of the wind turbine, the wind speed of the place that the wind turbine was installed in and the size of the wind farm. What is a wind farm? A wind farm is a power plant that generates electricity through wind power. So if we replace every nuclear power plant with a wind farm, we can better the environment of our planet and make the air more, BREEZY.

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Thanks to all

Thanks to all the people who contributed to the blog in order to make it a success. All these posts help keep us high up inside of the competition this was made for, and so now we have made it to the top 10 because of it. The team is now able to send some students to New York to the United Nations Headquarters in order to learn more about helping out the environment.

As such, this is most likely the last update until late into the next school year, when we continue to all work together on these green activities. Until then, thanks once more to all the people that have contributed. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys.

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